XEROSTOM® with Saliactive® hydrates and moisturizes dry mouths naturally

For your patients suffering dry mouth (xerostomia) due to health conditions, medical treatment, or aging, Xerostom products will positively improve their quality of life! The patented Saliactive ingredients of extra virgin olive oil, betaine, and xylitol have been proven to increase salivary flow up to 200%. With additional beneficial ingredients such as fluoride, potassium, calcium, natural oils and moisturizers, Xerostom products help with the recovery of natural salivary defenses while protecting enamel and dentin from demineralization and erosion. All Xerostom products are detergent, sugar, and alcohol-free with a neutral pH. Suitable for diabetics. Mild lemon flavor. FDA-compliant. For sale in USA only.

The Study

Saliva is an essential component for good oral health. The US Surgeon General has categorically stated that oral health is directly linked to general health. Many OTC products are available for dry mouth (xerostomia), but few have been clinically tested.

The late Dr. Jonathan Ship and colleagues at the New York University Bluestone Center for Clinical Research conducted a groundbreaking study where they worked with a number of dry mouth patients. These patients were already using readily available OTC dry mouth products. The patients were randomly assigned to use either their existing dry mouth products or Xerostom products for one week. They then crossed over to the other dry mouth care regime.

The results demonstrated that Xerostom products improved unstimulated saliva flow rates by up to 200%, reduced complaints of xerostomia, and improved related quality of life. No adverse results were reported in the use of Xerostom products, and they have been found to be safe and effective.